Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Website!

Welcome to the new Rosary Workout website! There is a lot of information on this page, but I will be working diligently to better organize the site during the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

What is The Rosary Workout? 

The Rosary Workout is a means to care for body and soul together. It is a goal-centered program focused on the integration of exercise, prayer and meditation to work the muscles of the spirit in harmony with the muscles of the body.

The foundation of The Rosary Workout is the ability to meditate during exercise while using the science of interval training and periodization to continually challenge the muscles of the body. Rhythmic cardiovascular exercise at a moderate pace serves to open the mind to clearer thought and heightened awareness. The Rosary Workout uses this physiological response to exercise for a higher purpose, namely directing the clarity of mind toward meditative prayer.

The Rosary Workout includes:

  • Information on obtaining a Rosary in various formats
  • How to pray the Rosary
  • The rich history and symbolism of the Rosary
  • Suggestions to aid in Rosary meditation
  • The blessings and benefits of Rosary prayer 
  • The rewards of regular exercise
  • How to use prayer to overcome any difficulties with exercise
  • The basic principles of exercise science
  • Guidance in choosing the right type of exercise to fit your lifestyle and fitness level
  • Help with beginning an exercise program and motivation to continue
  • Weekly exercise and spiritual goals
  • End-of-level assignments that foster personal growth both physically and spiritually
  • Extensive resources to expand your knowledge
  • And, of course, the workouts-- programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels
  • Color-coded Rosary graphics help you visualize the workout instructions
  • Catholic viewpoint, faithful to the Magisterium
  • Over 250 pages of information and inspiration

The Rosary Workout is available in two formats:

1. A softcover book (and Kindle version), which is available at To order, click on the book cover photo at the top of the right hand column where you may purchase the book, read reviews, and use the "Look Inside" feature as a preview. You can also purchase the book at Barnes and Noble or a variety of online Catholic bookstores. 

2. An ebook download for $9.95 on this site (Click on the "Buy Now" button on the right-hand column.) After payment is received, your ebook will be emailed to you as a pdf attachment. (If you do not receive it within 24 hours, please check your spam folder first. If you still can't find it, please email me at The ebook file can easily be converted to be read on a smartphone, ipad, Kindle, Nook, etc.


1. What is The Rosary Workout?
  The Rosary Workout is a goal-centered, cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise program focused on praying the Rosary during a series of planned workouts. There are nine levels of progression. Each level is named after one of the Nine Choirs of Angels, part of Catholic tradition. The first three levels are designed for beginners, the middle three for intermediates and the last three for advanced exercisers or competitive athletes. Each level consists of specific workouts for four weeks and presents a different set of goals for both physical and spiritual growth. The book includes a comprehensive study of the Rosary and provides an overview of the scientific principles used in the development of the workouts. 
2. Is this just about praying the Rosary while I exercise?
  No. This program is unique. The Rosary Workout incorporates the fundamental principles of exercise physiology. It applies the science of interval training and periodization to provide over 100 varied and challenging workouts carefully designed to improve fitness and prevent injury. At the same time, the program focuses on exercising the “muscles of the spirit” through Rosary prayer and meditation.

3. How much time does the workout involve?
  The initial time commitment is just 10-20 minutes twice a week. Although the program gradually increases the time commitment, you will continue to see results by exercising just 2-3 times per week. Intermediate and advanced exercisers who enjoy working out more often will find plenty of workouts to continue to challenge their fitness levels.

4. Do I have to join a gym? No. The Rosary Workout can be done outside (walking, cycling, hiking, etc.) or at home. The ebook includes suggestions to find a mode of exercise that is both enjoyable and beneficial. However, if you already belong to a gym or want to join one, there are additional suggestions to incorporate The Rosary Workout into your gym routine.

5. I haven’t exercised in years. Will the workouts be too hard for me?
  Definitely not. The first level of The Rosary Workout is designed just for beginners-- those who haven’t exercised regularly in the last six months,  anyone recovering from an injury, pregnant or post-partum women, children under 16, adults over 65, or anyone under the care of a physician. 

6. I’m a competitive athlete. Will the workouts be too easy?
  Not at all. The Intermediate and Advanced levels of The Rosary Workout provide ideal training plans for athletes. The workouts incorporate interval training and periodization, both familiar terms for most athletes.  Additionally, athletes find that Rosary meditation during workouts helps sharpen their mental focus.

7. Is The Rosary Workout compatible with team sports?
  Sure-- if your team prays the Rosary together during practice. However, most team sports require too much focus and interaction to facilitate meditative prayer. The best type of exercise for The Rosary Workout is a repetitive form of exercise such as walking, cycling, running, swimming, etc. Of course, if you enjoy team sports, you can incorporate The Rosary Workout into skill drills or cross-training activities.

8. Is The Rosary Workout just for Catholics?
  Although The Rosary Workout is written from a Catholic perspective, the Rosary does predate the Reformation. Many non-Catholics are drawn to the Rosary by its meditative form of prayer and its Biblical origin. Anyone who incorporates the natural rhythm of the Rosary with the natural rhythm of cardiovascular exercise will likely be inspired by the experience.

9. What if I don’t know how to pray the Rosary?
  No problem! The Rosary Workout includes information on obtaining a Rosary and a tutorial on how to pray the Rosary. The text of all Rosary prayers and the Rosary mysteries are also included. Links to external websites embedded in the ebook provide information for further study.

10. I purchased the ebook but I forgot to save the file or I can't find it on my computer. What can I do?
  No problem! Simply send an email to I will be happy to send you a new ebook file after I verify that you purchased it or received it as a gift. 

Great Rosary Resource:

Please visit the terrific website, How To Pray the Rosary Every Day. This site has so much helpful content on meditation, resources and prayers. I was honored to be a featured Rosary presenter. You can read my interview at this link.

Praise for The Rosary Workout

"I have lost 10 lbs since Jan. 1st!! I just love how the Rosary Workout is changing my life!! Today, I flew to Chicago because my oldest is graduating from Navy Boot Camp. O'Hare is a huge airport and I walked through it without any problems. I am so happy!!! Thank you so much for your book!!!"
- Comment left on The Rosary Workout Facebook page

"I am convinced that The Rosary Workout is appropriate for anyone, at any spiritual or physical level. I love that author Peggy Bowes has broken the workouts down into different levels in both of these areas. The Rosary Workout strengthens us both inside and outside and is a true blessing."
- Lisa Hendey, Founder of and author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms

I know that The Rosary Workout works! It’s the answer for anyone who feels they are too time-starved to fit both daily prayer and a regular workout into their lives. By combining the two, you not only accomplish both goals, but you give yourself two good reasons to get up and get it done – first because you need the exercise and second because, if you’re like me, it might be the only time of day you’ll get to pray the Rosary. The Rosary Workout ™ is comprehensive and fits people of all fitness and spiritual levels. As a fitness professional and a prayer warrior, Peggy Bowes has employed both of these rare talents to create a plan designed to strengthen both the body and the soul, making this the most complete and essential program on the market today.
- Susan Brinkmann, OCDS, Staff Journalist, Editor, Women of Grace ® 

"I think it's great to combine exercise and prayer. I've read The Rosary Workout and it's a wonderful way to grow in your devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary while also caring for the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the body.  It's a beautiful book that teaches beginners and those more advanced in prayer and exercise, how to combine both.  It honors and promotes devotion to Our Lady. If you want to pray while you exercise, it's the perfect book!"
- Penelope, Walk for Life organizer

"The Rosary Workout [is]a guide to a spiritual/physical workout combining prayer and exercise, in an integrated whole-person way. Peggy covers all the basics for body and soul, and I think it is worth the read for the busy mother who is interested in an integrated approach to physical fitness and the spiritual life."
- Holly Pierlot, author of A Mother's Rule for Life

"Anyone who wants to add a spiritual dimension to an exercise routine may find this program to be just what they are looking for. We examined [The Rosary Workout] and it is well written and spiritually enlightening (even if you decide not to exercise). website review

"I love that Peggy encourages readers to keep a journal that includes not only details about each workout, but also details about spiritual things. Did you go to Confession? Have you been struggling? Do you have a special intention? Tying my physical and spiritual health together in such a tangible way feels right in a way that excites me, that makes me, for once, WANT to work out."
- Sarah Reinhard,

"How could I not at least test it out and try it? I could add spiritual growth and renewal at the same time as working toward continued health. I could use the extra prayer time. I could use a new way to lead me into deeper meditation. I could use some guidance from someone who clearly knew fitness. So I tried it. The workout is very well laid out and designed. It can be for the most beginner of beginners, the postpartum mom who is ready to get moving a little more and for those of us in the frigid Midwest it will be wonderful to keep up with in the winter months too. It can be simply implemented with or without exercise equipment (elliptical, recumbent bike, treadmill,etc.) or used just plain old walking or jogging. Pretty versatile and easily accessed. No excuses or limitations."
- Sarah, Catholic blogger With a Hopeful Heart

"As a busy mom of six, I have been trying to improve my spiritual and physical health for years. I've ready many books and bought numerous videos but none were the right fit. Peggy Bowes' The Rosary Workout has proved to be a practical, thorough and effective means of enhancing my spiritual life as well as my physical health. The integration of the physical with the spiritual makes this no ordinary exercise program and no ordinary prayer method. Bowes offers practical tips, personal encouragement and mulitple resources that result in success."
- Lindy Meyer, Faith Folders for Catholics